Electronic Development

Klyver Electronics A/S takes on electronic development tasks and specializes in control electronics, measurement electronics , and has solid experience in these areas.
We offer ourselves, based on the customer’s situation and needs, and offer ourselves as problem solvers / developer or as a complete supplier / manufacturer of electronics OEM .


Electronic Development for the industry

Here we have developed different hardware solutions for the engineering industry including machine controllers.

We have also developed a complete control system for liquid flow measuring, dosing and recording of draft drinks and soft drinks (bear, soda, ect.). The program includes counting systems from acquiescence counts of free-flow facility for advanced dosing automatic measurement and registration of the individual services sales. (Several types of passcards available!)

Several plants can be connected in networks with common data collection via a control terminal, which also acts as an interface for printer / PC or cash register.

Similarly, our Flow Transmitter specially developed for measuring draft drinks.