The Flow Counter KE555  is used in conjunction with a flowtransmitter/flowmeter for measuring draught beer, sodas, wine and most translucent liquids.

KE555 is a Flow Counter with the capability to connect to a PC. When connected to a pc you can keep track of the flow data from all the counters.

The KE555 has 2 flow channels, and can be networked with up to 32 dual-flow units per network string. This gives 64 lines per network string.


Connects to PC
By means of the built-in RS485 network port all counter values plus service and error message, can be transferred to a PC. Thereby monitoring and register all functions to software* or POS systems. You can easily reset counters on each unit in the network. 
*Software is optional and available for purchase

Measures 2 flow transmitter outputs simultaneously
The Double Flow Counter KE555 contains 2 completely independent main-counters for connecting up to 2 Flow transmitters, and thereby can measure the consumption on two taps simultaneously.

Each counter counts from 1 decilitre to 99999 litres of liquid, depends on setting.
The consumption of the 2 main-counters can be read directly on the 2 front displays (up to 9999 l).

Access to Setup Mode and other important information is only available via custom set 4 cipher security password.

“Service counters”
In addition there are 2 independent service-counters for the same 2 Flow transmitter input.
These can count the consumption under service when cleaning the tubes with cleaning fluid.

Each counter counts from 1 decilitre to 9999 decilitre of liquid.
The consumption of the 2 service-counters can be read directly on the 2 front displays, when service key is active.

64 channels per network
KE555 has 2 independent flow channels which can be networked with up to 32 double-counting unit’s per. network string. This allows up to 64 lines per. network via. a simple 2-wire communication cable.

Auto backup
The built-in rechargeable battery ensures that power dropouts don’t affect proper counting. When fully charged the battery can keep the unit functioning for at least 3½ hours after a power cut in the main power supply. After this time the unit goes into a low power mode and saving all counter values in permanent memory. This means that the counter values are ready again when power is back on. A built-in intelligent charging circuit maintain automatically the rechargeable battery, when power is on. The battery has a lifetime of approx. 5 years.

The EasyFlowFilters© are specially designed to count all liquids correctly also all kind of sparkling waters, sodas, draft beer etc. Easily set the flow filter for a different flow rate. You can also set a customized filter.

The KE555 constantly monitors the connected flow transmitters, the power supply, the battery and the internal memory. Should an error occur, flashing alarm dots will appear on the displays, without affecting the display of the counter values.

Want even more advance features?
If you want a more advanced Counter you can choose our SE480A Counter and dosing machine with 8 counters/channels. It also handles dosing and can be used with chip access cards.