The Dosing Automat SE480A is used in conjunction with a flowtransmitter/flowmeter for measuring and pouring draught beer, sodas, wine and all translucent liquids.

  • 8 taps/lines
    8 taps is maximum. Up to 4 taps flowtransmitter-controlled with SE525C. Up to 8 taps timer-controlled or a mixture of transmitter- and timer-cont.  4 sizes per tap.
  • Access Cards
    There can be multiple card sets and up to 9999 different cards per restaurant and 17 waiter-/inspector for each unit.
    Waiter Card for pouring.
    Inspector Card for balancing and clearing the sale, changing the prices/portions, plus for inhibiting certain waiters, inhibiting selected taps and changing happy day/hour periods.
    Settling Card for reading and printing all sale of the day.
    Super user Cards Service Card for installation, maintenance and cleaning.
    Cleaning Card for cleaning the installation (tubes etc).
    Distributor Card for functionality of all the mentioned cards in a single card.
  • Security
    A hidden restaurant code ties every user card to the restaurant. A hidden group code can be used to tie waiter cards to certain bars within the restaurant. Possibility for inhibiting 25 waiters. Protection to the super user cards is accomplished by means of access codes.
  • Prices
    3 price groups are accessible: Normal prices, happy-days prices and happy-hours prices.
    Switching between the 3 price groups can be done manually by the inspector or automatically by the built-in real-time clock. The inspector can program happy-days period with 24 hours interval, and happy-hours period seven days in total.
  • Networking
    The built-in network can be used to connecting up to 32 pouring automats and a Control-Terminal, plus for sharing printers. A single waiter card can open more than one automat. The network is also used for automatic synchronization of the automats real-time clocks. With the Control-Terminal SE460A connected, total sale and settings etc. from all pouring automats can be registered and optional send to printer or PC.
  • Printer connectivity
    Standard RS-232 serial output for printer connection. Waiter can print his own sales figures. The inspector can print total sale plus all settings. By using the built-in network a number of pouring automats can share a printer.
  • Other connections
    Signboard lamp. Turned on by the waiter card. Happy-hours lamp, is turned on when the happy-hours price group is active.
  • Mounting
    The pouring automat can be mounted under the desk by means of the enclosed hanger. Optional a ‘slant-desk’ holder is available for mounting on top of table.