Accessories for Dosing Automat

Customer Terminal – SE461A
Use with Customer Card SE420A-F3. For customer access control in self serving situations. Customer buys a customer (credit) card with a programmed amount, and can then serve themselves, until the (credit)amount on the Customers card is used up. Customer can choose between: Viewing the servings quantity or amount, using the 2 keys on the table-terminal LITER | AMOUNT. When connected to a large display, the same figures also show on this. Measurements: 100x73x51 mm (LxWxH). Weight: 245 g.

Large Display – SE450A
For wall hanging. LED digit height 57 mm. Can be used with SE480A and a table-Terminal, in style as customer credit counts. The display shows the same as the Table terminal, just in large format so more people can see with. Customer can choose the display of udskænket quantity or amount. When a customer card is not used will display a digital clock. Can be fed from a SE480A with up to 25 m. Network Cable. For longer distances the adapter SE430A as supply. Power supply: Min. brightness = 10VDC. Max. brightness = 16VDC. Measurements: 225x81x39 mm. Weight: 660 g.

Acces Cards –
Gives security against unauthorized access. The cards are made of durable ABS plastic. Designed with write field and the possibility of insertion into a keychain. Made with hard gold contacts which gives a long life time for the card.
Measurements: 85 x 40 x 5 mm. Weight: 14 g.
SE420A-F0 – Brown
SE420A-F1 – Blue
SE420A-F2 – Green
SE420A-F6 – Purple
SE420A-F4 + F5 – Gray
SE420A-FA – Gray
SE420A-CA – Yellow
SE420A-FC – Black

Customer Cards – SE420A-F3
Orange Credit (pass) who receive an optional amount programmed for use with self-service via the Table Terminal. When the credits on the card is used up, the customer can pay for refill of the cards credits. Measurements: 85x40x5 mm. Weight: 14 g.

Coin Terminal / Chip Terminal – SE465A
With this device can be controlled externally payment in vending machines or integrated circuit card system. (In order by customer request). Up to 5 coin values + 1 pole / smartcards (free value).

Power supply- SE514
A-D 230V ~ – 12VDC 200 mA.  to supply Table Terminal. Only needed if the terminal is located far from a SE480A (over 100 m cable). Supply voltage to the terminal must be mine. 10VDC.

Power supply- SE430A
230V ~ – 12VDC 2.5 A  – to supply the large display. Required if Display is located further than 25 feet from a SE480A (over 25 m cable). Supply voltage for display must be minium 10V DC.

Network Cable – SE433A –
2 2 meter supply / communication link cable to RS485 port (4×0, 25 mm ²). Fitted with 8 pole. DIN connector for interconnecting network devices.

Extension network (3-way) – SE431A
Block with 3 pieces. 8 pol. DIN socket for cable interconnection of multiple networking devices. Measurements: 63x31x29 mm. Weight: 45 g.